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Re: [] Use of GitHub Issues by Eclipse Projects

Since this thread has expressed a number of concerns on the modernity of the current bug tracking system, namely bugzilla, know that we are currently exploring with running Tuleap ( at the Foundation:

We are still in a preliminary phase and it has not yet been fully enabled, supported, or integrated with the Foundation infrastructure; but you can start playing with by requesting an account


On 15-11-10 08:29 PM, Mike Milinkovich wrote:
On 10/11/2015 7:29 PM, Greg Wilkins wrote:
For me, the way we go forward depends a lot on what future is planned for bugzilla. If bugzilla is going to be maintained and extended into the future (Even if many/most project use github as primary), then a mirroring approach should work. But if bugzilla is considered to be in terminal decline, then a migration with data backup approach may be better.

We have had conversations as recently as this week with people from Mozilla who make it clear that Bugzilla is still under active development. Improving the UI to be more modern and responsive is being discussed.

No one should interpret this decision as implying that we are completely leaving Bugzilla. There are a lot of projects whose day-to-day development processes are intrinsically tied to it.

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