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Re: [] Use of GitHub Issues by Eclipse Projects


"I am pleased to announce that at last week's Board meeting,"

Maybe I am completely blind, but this comes a bolt out of the blue to me. Surely some discussion was merited?

If compatibility tooling is provided, I see a repeat of our longstanding ongoing NNTP/Forum synchronization disaster.

If tooling isn't provided we do a major disservice to all our committers and users, seemingly just to accommodate some projects who do not seem to be properly committed to Eclipse. Eclipse is a community that IMHO endeavors to provide a unified capability. We do not need fragmentation. (Unless of course we are all to move to GitHub.)

IIRC there was originally enthusiasm for using GitHub as a mirror for Eclipse GIT repos. Unfortunately this did not work. I suggest that efforts at GitHub support would be better spent on solving the GitHub mirroring rather than a flaky Bugzilla customization.


        Ed Willink

On 10/11/2015 03:24, Mike Milinkovich wrote:

Several years ago the Eclipse Foundation started allowing its projects to host their day-to-day development at GitHub. As part of that, we implemented several processes to ensure that Eclipse projects could maintain their freedom of action should GitHub ever go away, or dramatically alter their terms of service. A number of the projects which host their development at GitHub subsequently asked if they could also start using GitHub Issues, rather than Bugzilla for tracking issues.

I am pleased to announce that at last week's Board meeting, the Eclipse Foundation approved the following two resolutions:

Resolved, that with PMC approval, the Board approves the use of GitHub Issues for Eclipse projects which are hosted at GitHub. The EMO is instructed to backup GitHub Issues data on server infrastructure to ensure the future freedom of action of these projects.

Resolved, the EMO is instructed to provide instructions to Eclipse projects hosted on GitHub on how to properly utilize GitHub features (e.g. Release Pages) to remain compliant with the Eclipse project branding requirements, Eclipse Development Process, and the Eclipse IP Policy.
This does not mean that you can start using GitHub Issues for your project right away. It does mean that the EMO has started working on a plan to enable that, and we hope to do so soon. Please follow bug 481771 if you are interested in progress on this.

Mike Milinkovich
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