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Re: [] Use of GitHub Issues by Eclipse Projects

On 11/10/2015 06:32 PM, Tyler Jewell wrote:
The issue about GitHub Issues is not one of technology, but rather one of culture & behavior.
That can be discussed.
To me the culture and behavior at GitHub is the one of open-source, Git and GitHub tools on top of it. I's not much more than what SourceForge, Google Code, CodeHaus were some years ago. A free Forge-as-a-Service for OSS projects. When one day, the trends change and a GitHub competitor takes over, then the culture & behavior will remain and evolve by adopting the new tools.

Anyway, testimonials such as the one from Jetty claiming that they have more community investment in GitHub rather than Bugzilla+Gerrit are very convincing about the need to be there for some projects. But on the other hand, it also reveals that the Eclipse contribution process is complicated. My idea on that is that a project GitHub page is considered by many projects and contributors as the welcome page, and directly shows code and all means to contribute, whereas most Eclipse projects show instead a description page, then a link on How to Contribute and then users can access the various tools. The code-centric approach of GitHub seems to be more efficient.
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