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  • Re: [] Time for a run-off vote, (continued)
  • [] AUTO: Marcelo Paternostro/Toronto/IBM is out of the office until 05/14/2001. (returning 05/10/2010), Marcelo Paternostro
  • [] Concern about the Helios+1 voting process ..., David M Williams
  • [] Name that release ... ready for run-off vote?, David M Williams
  • [] Significant New Features in the Helios Release Train, Ian Skerrett
  • [] Simultaneous Release Summary, David M Williams
  • [] Naming Poll is (nearly) ready, David M Williams
  • [] Request for Eclipse PDT Inclusion Exception for Helios release, Anthony Hunter
  • [] Re: Reminder of Wed. meeting, April 7, noon (Eastern Time), David M Williams
  • [] See you Sunday?, David M Williams
  • [] Request for Ecore Tools Inclusion Exception, Ed Merks
  • [] Helios inclusion exception request for Marketplace Client, Wayne Beaton
  • [] Status of Tracking Tool, David M Williams
  • [] RoadMap Draft Ready for Feedback, Donald Smith
  • [] Feedback on release tracking tool, John Arthorne
  • [] Reminder of Wed. meeting ... and there's work for you to do this time! :), David M Williams
  • [] Reminder of monthly meeting 2/3 Noon Eastern, David M Williams
  • [] Exception for Jetty for M4 Requirement, Thomas Watson
  • [] Exception for Sequoyah for M4 Requirement, David M Williams
  • [] Re: [modeling-pmc] Remove EMF Index from Helios, Ed Merks
  • [] Exception for LinuxTools and Helios, Wayne Beaton
  • [] Exception request for EGit, Wayne Beaton
  • [] Exception Request for EEF, Ed Merks
  • [] Who got the most "to do" items at today's meeting?, David M Williams

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