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Re: [] RAP and Gyrex

Thanks, Ian.

As I wrote on cross-projects the problem resolved itself thanks to p2 as a side effect of re-running the aggregator build.

We'll test the results again today, but for the time being there's no need to ask for a respin.

Regards, Markus

On 14 Jun 2013 08:55, "Ian Bull" <irbull@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Hi everyone,

As I mentioned a few hours ago, there appears to be a problem with RAP and Gyrex in RC4. I just landed after a day of travel and I haven't yet looked at the problem or talked with any of the affected parties yet. As I said earlier, I will look at this tomorrow. However, I'm a little worried that my timezone might be at a disadvantage (West coast of Canada).

If the problem is time critical (and a suggested path forward is known), can I suggest that Markus and Gunnar raise the issue on the planning council. They are the leads of the two projects, they are both PMC members, Markus is on the planning council and Gunnar is a very senior member of the community -- if they have a plan, them I'm confident it's a good one.

If it's not time critical or you would rather wait for me to review it, that's fine. However, I just don't want to be the bottle neck here.


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