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Re: [] SimRel Naming

On 2018-05-04 9:32 AM, Gunnar Wagenknecht wrote:
I'm trying to find an anchor that will help us break up the issue. It seems we are stuck in this cycle:  we can't change the name - it's too complex - look at all the artifacts and things - oh so lets break it up and look at those - no we don't want to change them - so back to the name - but all the things.... tbc

Could we take a step back for a moment?

In addition to straightening out the name for the simultaneous release, we also need to come up with a new name for the Eclipse top-level project so that it conforms to the usual trademark guidelines that apply to all Eclipse projects. Is there perhaps at least a small chance that naming the simrel would become easier if we had a name for the project upon which most of the simrel is based? If the Eclipse Project decides to rename itself the Eclipse Quark project, then wouldn't have an influence on the discussion here? (I am not sure if Dani was joking about the "Q" name, but it is not an inherently bad idea.)

I sort of have a hunch that maybe we've put the cart before the horse. Note that I am not saying that the name of the top-level project would automatically become the brand we use for the desktop IDE or the simrel. All I'm saying is that having the name of the TLP might provide the anchor that Gunnar was looking for.

FWIW, this quote from Nick Boldt really resonated with me: "Call it what you will, it's still the quarterly desktop IDE release train."

Which is why calling the simrel "Eclipse Desktop Platform 09-2018" or "Eclipse Quark(*) 09-2018" or even "Eclipse Code(*) 09-2018" would all be fine IMO. Anything that makes it sound like it encompasses everything at the Eclipse Foundation (e.g. "Eclipse 09-2018") is not okay.
(*) pending trademark review and approval

Mike Milinkovich
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