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[] SimRel Naming

On May 4, 2018, at 09:22, Ed Merks <ed.merks@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

If that asked for "Volunteers needed for 2018-09 Release Train Webinars!" that would seem fine to me.

Which one? Jakarta? IDE? Science?

Just because we mostly see only one today doesn't mean others see the same. Yes, there is no Jakarta one yet, but I bet there will be one coming and from a Foundation perspective it would be great to re-use the "release train" term for that as well. It's one of the key success factors that the Foundation can use when pitching for OS projects.

Is an RCP application a Desktop IDE?  Is any old IApplication a Desktop IDE?  Must we include Desktop in the qualifier in order to exclude something?  Are we not following branding guidelines because "Eclipse" is missing from the name ?  Is it still under qualified because Eclipse has another Desktop IDE? And even if it doesn't currently, will we need to change it when Eclipse does have another one? 

FWIW, I see IApplication as a technical term that should not be confused with a product brand. Eclipse RCP also exists as it's own product brand. It's a very good example that something can co-exist while participating in the IDE release train. This also applies to a lot others (eg., xText, EMF, GMF). 

I think I'm now getting you point, though. You want to be the release train name to be inclusive to all *these* projects/products?

Hmm... I was too much focused on the IDE because it *is* the main product that is being shipped, i.e. I see people assume Oxygen, Photon, etc. with being the IDE and plugins/tools/products around it but not a synonym for RCP, EMF, GEF, etc. You are right that with that in mind IDE might be too narrow.

Naming things is hard. That's why I suggested in the past to bring in a branding expert. I'm an engineer. I can name variables (sometimes) but not products. :)

So what about Development Tools or just DevTools or Tools? Yes, some of it are frameworks not tools. Sight.

The discussion over "the name" has gone on forever and I still keep wondering (and asking), to what specifically are we assigning a name? In that light, I have to ask myself, what are the results of the release train process itself?   

+1 sometimes it helps breaking things down.

Part of my "too narrow IDE focus" is caused by combining 1 with 2+3. I think 2+3 must have IDE in it's brand name (and URLs). I can also imagine that EPP can be renamed to "Eclipse IDE Packaging Project". But the conclusion I think is that 2+3 is a separate discussion from 1.

Thoughts on this conclusion?

So if you think purely about 1 - would that be also the simultaneous release train name?

Not sure I'll like it. 

what about:
- d.e.o/releases/tools
- d.e.o/releases/devtools
- d.e.o/releases/idetools

or stick with:
- d.e.o/releases/photon



Gunnar Wagenknecht

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