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Re: [] SimRel Naming

On 2018-05-04 6:43 AM, Ed Merks wrote:

If that asked for "Volunteers needed for 2018-09 Release Train Webinars!" that would seem fine to me.

Which one? Jakarta? IDE? Science?

Assuming we did coordinate such things, there would be just one. :-P But that's up in the air.  I think at this point there is no actual point of confusion.

Actually, I believe that is a simple misunderstanding. There is no interest I am aware of in growing the Eclipse IDE simultaneous release to include other technology areas. What the Board discussed was the idea of leveraging the experience of the Planning Council to help with the creation of additional simultaneous releases. However, those additional simrel's would have their own schedules, and (perhaps) be managed by distinct committees within the Planning Council.

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