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Re: [] SimRel Naming


I haven’t really said a lot on this during the calls or the email thread, but now is the time… :-)

Here is my proposal: Let’s just call it:
“Eclipse IDE MM-YYYY”.
(with the repo URLs ending with "…/ide/mm-yyyy”)

Here is why:
- it is simple
- it refers to what it currently is in the eye of most people, going back to this quote:

> FWIW, this quote from Nick Boldt really resonated with me: "Call it what you will, it's still the quarterly desktop IDE release train.”

- it fits nicely for most of the EPP package names
- it is exactly what people expect when looking at it

And yes, I know, we have more than the desktop IDE at Eclipse. But please note that they are called differently (it is Eclipse Che, not Eclipse Che IDE, it is Eclipse Orion, not Eclipse Orion IDE, and both are more and/or less than an IDE). Maybe that changes, maybe not. Lets not talk too much about the “maybe”. And I don’t expect them to join the SimRel, the release train that we have, or anything like that. I expect them to do things differently anyway (for good reasons - not meant negatively, I think other things will fit better within their contexts).

- the proposal plays nicely with other SimRels existing or coming up (from Science, Jakarta, whatever).

Just my 2 cents (to not close this can of worms too early here… ;-)


> Which is why calling the simrel "Eclipse Desktop Platform 09-2018" or "Eclipse Quark(*) 09-2018" or even "Eclipse Code(*) 09-2018" would all be fine IMO. Anything that makes it sound like it encompasses everything at the Eclipse Foundation (e.g. "Eclipse 09-2018") is not okay.
> (*) pending trademark review and approval
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