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Re: [] SimRel Naming


Comments below.

On 04.05.2018 13:37, Gunnar Wagenknecht wrote:

On May 4, 2018, at 12:43, Ed Merks <ed.merks@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Part of my "too narrow IDE focus" is caused by combining 1 with 2+3. I think 2+3 must have IDE in it's brand name (and URLs).
A segment in a URL is not a brand. :P 

Why not? It has been the brand for many many years now....
I'm just taking the liberty to quote Mike on this point.  A URL falls in the "technical artifacts" domain, like Java package names, executable names, and so on. No one (and certainly not the Board) has suggested that we ought to change a whole whack of URLs, package names, executable names. 

So, why not focus the discussion on the URL (segment)? Maybe it will be helpful on our path towards solving the name issue?
Well, I suggested that just as Photon, the product version indicator in the splash screen, is replaced by YYYY-MM, so too photon, the version indicator in the URL, is replaced by YYYY-MM.  In both cases a brand is replaced by something informative, i.e., something that is merely a version indicator and not a brand.

Another question: why on earth deserves the Eclipse IDE stuff to be special? What if Jakarta wants to put a Maven repo at
Well, it is starting to seem to me like political correctness rules the world.  I hear in Berlin that too many streets have masculine names.  I'm sure that's a highly unfortunate fact in many cities around the world, and I'm sure it's more than reasonable that names ought to be assigned in a more well-balanced manner.  But it doesn't seem all that reasonable to me to start renaming the streets.  So to continue down this politically incorrect line of thought, I have to point out that the URL already exists, people are already using it, and it already means something.  It takes a lot of effort to do an address change; it's disruptive, confusing and costly.  Are we really so hung up on political correctness that we ought to start moving URLs?  I sure hope not.

Also your question itself is a misdirection.  It's definitely not an issue of the Eclipse IDE deserving to be special, it's merely a reflection of the fact that the Eclipse IDE came first.  URLs were chosen in that context.  Furthermore, the IDE's success has been the Foundation's success.  Now that success has diversified greatly, which is beyond awesome for everyone, including the IDE, because without the Foundation we'd all be in a very hard place.  Given how much the IDE's success has contributed to the fact that our great community exists at all, it seems highly unfair and inappropriate to suggest that a whole whack URLs need to change on the download server (and on the wiki too?) just to make the Eclipse IDE unspecial in a politically correct way.

Certainly URLs like the following would seem a reasonable way of creating more new specialness for others communities without disruption to the long established address space:

In fact, URLs like these already exist:

Perhaps there will be (or can be) specialized download hosts for the other growing domains just as there are specialized http hosts already.  Then there will be a new address space in which to create new special addresses as best suits each community.


Gunnar Wagenknecht

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