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[] RE: EclipseCon memorystick and Ganymede M5

Here are the latest numbers for Ganymede, based on Today's green build:

   820MB   Ganymede/staging today (JARs only, no pack.gz, but there seem to be lots of 
                 obsolete files from previous releases, e.g. there is 7 different versions of
                 the buckminster.core plugin).

   506MB   After "mirror update site" (JARs only, no obsolete files)

   769MB   .jar and .pack.gz


   263 MB Ganymede M5 (.pack.gz only)

As you see, the pure "pack.gz" version has increased a lot while the "jar only"
version has not increased. I have no idea how this can come, but given that the
previous numbers were based on a "red" build, I suppose that the new ones
are correct.
It could also be (not sure) that I had packed with an 1.6.0 JVM the last time,
which might have resulted in smaller packed files due to better compression -
but unreadable by an 1.5 JVM, so I used a Sun 1.5.0_14 JVM this time and
the numbers should be accurate.
On the EPP side, a new 6th package was added: "reporting" with 179MB
in the Windows version. Summing up to
     846MB based on the 20080220 epp build [1]
the biggest contributors being Modeling (227MB) and reporting (179MB).
So, will even the 6 packages for Windows fit on the stick?
  • How much do the Presentations take?
  • How much do the sponsor files take?
  • What does the Community want to decide in case the 6 packages do not fit on the stick?
Martin Oberhuber, Senior Member of Technical Staff, Wind River
Target Management Project Lead, DSDP PMC Member

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