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[] Ganymede IP Review - Status

Just a quick update to let you know how we are progressing with Ganymede submissions.  I have added the keyword "ganymede" to all submissions that are needed for the release.  Below is the list of submissions outstanding as of today's date - 23 in total.   If there are other submissions that you need (or any listed below that you don't need) for the release train please let us know.

ID    State    Project    Summary
2025 under_review  modeling.emft  emf4net.codegen - modeling.emft initial
1982 under_review  webtools.jsf  myfaces-api-1.2.2
1992 under_review  webtools.jsf  myfaces-impl-1.2.2 jar plus shared-impl 3.0.2 jar
2019 awaiting_board_approval  stp  Icon Set: Fam Fam Silk Icon Set Version 1.3
2045 awaiting_analysis  datatools.incubator  impl of a DTP Open Data Access (ODA) Driver and UI - dat...
2064 awaiting_analysis  technology.ecf  ECF remote service - technology.ecf initial
1528 awaiting_analysis  webtools.atf  XULRunner Version:
1848 awaiting_committer  modeling.mdt  OCL Tools - modeling.mdt - Initial
2027 under_review  eclipse.jdt  JUnit Version: 4.4
2032 awaiting_committer  tools.cdt  C++ Refactoring Rewrite Engine Patch - tools.cdt
2036 awaiting_committer  modeling.emft  register/unregister Ecore models - modeling.emft initial
2048 awaiting_analysis  eclipse.jdt  Ant Script for Runnable Jar Wizard - eclipse.jdt initial ...
2058 awaiting_analysis  modeling.emft  genmodel builder - modeling.emft initial contribution
2065 awaiting_analysis  eclipse.platform  activities mechanism patch - eclipse.platform initial
2053 awaiting_analysis  tptp.platform  Apache Harmony Verifier Version: 5.0
2055 awaiting_committer  tptp.monitoring  OpenSSL Version: 0.9.8g
2056 awaiting_committer  technology.rap  qooxdoo version 0.8 Version: 0.8
2057 awaiting_analysis  technology.rap  qooxdoo Version: 0.7.3 (subset)
2059 awaiting_analysis  webtools.webservices  geronimo mail Version: 1.4
2060 awaiting_analysis  webtools.webservices  geronimo activation Version: 1.1
2061 awaiting_committer  tptp.platform  org.apache.xml.serializer Version: 2.7.1
2062 awaiting_committer  tptp.platform  javax.xml Version: 1.3.4
2063 awaiting_analysis  technology.ecf  ch.ethz.iks.r_osgi.remote Version: 1.0.0.RC1

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