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Re: [] Re: [cross-project-issues-dev] Re: EclipseCon memory stick and Ganymede M5

Yes, you are correct. Everyone wants to promote themselves. Ganymede projects are a subset of everyone. Thus Ganymede projects want to promote themselves... In fact, a large part of my task as EclipseCon organizer is to explain to various groups why they cannot promote themselves using scheme X (e.g., spamming all the committers, hanging posters all over the convention center, leaving CDs around like garbage, etc.)... So, yes, everyone wants to promote themselves - I agree.

Thus we (the Foundation) must choose what we want to use our various resources (websites, memory sticks, etc). We've already chosen to feature the packages on the download page thus it makes sense to continue that on the memory sticks. As I mentioned, there will be a complete mirror of inside the convention center on the hardware AMD is donating. It's fast and it's got all the bits of all the downloads: Ganymede, non-Ganymede, incubation, mature, and everything in between.

- Bjorn
1) Most Ganymede projects/frameworks want to promote themselves with adopters

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