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[] Re: [cross-project-issues-dev] Re: EclipseCon memory stick and Ganymede M5

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I'm not sure what you mean by "there's no point"?
The issue is about the amount of memory space on the stick - there is not enough space for all platforms for all projects. So after some thought, I concluded that it would of maximum use to the most EclipseCon attendees to have the EPP packages. Remember, Nick, most of the 1600+ attendees are not like you :-)

Nick Boldt wrote:
Seems unfair to exclude projects not in EPP bundles. You're encouraging other bundles to be built, true, but if there's only room on the stick for 4 bundles x 2 OSes, there's no point.
But, hey, if this is just causing too much friction and dissent, we can just not put any M5 bits on the memory stick. Easier for the EclipseCon operations team and cheaper too (we have to pay by the Mb to have files preloaded on the stick).
Say you're attending one of the BIRT talks. You'd do this:
Well, if you're talking about a BIRT tutorial, we have a separate solution for the tutorials.  If you're talking about a BIRT long talk, I doubt you'll have enough time to do all that on your laptop and still pay attention to the talk.

Scott Lewis wrote:
However, we're not going to include the whole Ganymede update site but rather the EPP packages.
Why is this?
Beside the "not enough space on the memory stick" issue, we're also promoting the idea of the EPP packages and corporate distros being the primary way for the end-users to install Eclipse. The Ganymede update site will be mirrored at convention center so all the bits will be available at a pretty good bandwidth locally.

- Bjorn

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