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Re: [] Re: [cross-project-issues-dev] Re: EclipseCon memory stick and Ganymede M5

Scott Lewis wrote:
Aren't there other ways of dealing with the 'not enough space on the memory stick' issue? (e.g. having different memory sticks for different platforms)
There are cost and operational issues involved in having multiple memory sticks. We'd have to make N orders instead of one and pay N set up charges and we wouldn't get the same bulk pricing (because we were ordering X blue ones for Win32 and Y green ones for Linux and Z silver ones for OSX, etc.). Plus there are the operational issues of making sure that people picked up the right keys at registration, that the auto-updater stations copied the right files onto the different versions, etc.  It's a good idea, but we would have had to plan ahead for this months ago - by now it's too late (for example, we've already put in the order to purchase the USB memory sticks).
And if the EF is basically becoming focused/promoting distributing Eclipse through EPP packages, then what is Ganymede for?
The goal of the annual simultaneous release has always been to provide a stable set of platforms and frameworks for the commercial adopters to build their tools on top of. The user community never really understood that and has decided that the annual release is a "product" or "distro" of Eclipse. Because the annual release is not a distro and will never be (because of the lack of integration testing, etc), we needed a way to build distros for the user community. The EPP packages are that mechanism. Thus we have:

* Annual simultaneous release: for adopters
* EPP packages: for users


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