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Re: [] What is appropriate use of this list

Schaefer, Doug wrote:
We talked about the need to build a committer community at the architecture council meetings. And we talked about using this list to do that. It's disappointing to hear committers, especially ones who are on the architecture council, wanting to opt out of that. If we decide to throttle discussion here, we'll end up with none, again.

+1. Can someone explain to me what the burden is of having this list arrive in your email box? You are in control of your email box and can organize it however you like. If you feel you're seeing too much traffic, then why not filter the list into a folder and read it when you have the time? I do agree that asking for help on this list is not appropriate. Ed is correct that this goes to almost 1000 people (932 actually). If it really doesn't apply to the community then lets not post it here. But personally I fail to see any burden being placed on anyone. I get many hundreds of emails a day and they get filtered into appropriate folders where I can deal with them as needed. If I find a whole thread I don't want to read I just remove the thread. Nearly all modern email software handles this for you. On the other hand I see a lot of discussion here that has happened *nowhere* else. Not on Planet, not on bugs, not on cross-projects-dev. In my opinion this community spends a lot of time working only at the project level and not very much time sharing community-wide. Planet is really the only other online place where everyone can come together, and unfortunately discussions on blogs are not easily tracked, shared, followed up on by most people. Planet posts tend to be ephemeral. How many have you ever seen with more than a handful of comments? And blogs are spread out all over the 'Net with historical discussion remaining very difficult to find. Bugs are also not a replacement community-wide discussion point, in many cases. Very often things that might get community support get one or two comments and no one else finds them or comments on them. Few people take the time (who has it?) to poll Bugzilla for interesting issues that might need their attention but are on other projects.

To me this list is a perfect place for that kind of community-wide discussion. I see almost no burden in being forcibly subscribed to this list. For those of you who agree and who commented to me privately, your comments on the list would be welcome.


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