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RE: [] Installing SVN

Johan wrote:

> really? doesnt eclipse want anything in the repository what 
> violates IP cleanliness rules?
> Even if a commit does fix that later on?
> I am also a apache committer but i never hear that before in 
> the apache camp..

As has already been pointed out, Eclipse is rather more particular with
its IP than many other open-source foundations.  Eclipse represents a
number of companies whom a number of other companies would like to sue.
Eclipse needs to be very careful.


"Committed content in the CVS repository becomes immediately available
to Eclipse Foundation visitors and users. More importantly, this content
is used to create daily builds that may be downloaded by thousands of
people each day and may be incorporated into many free and
commercially-available software products. Due to the potential for
downstream redistribution, Committers are required to help ensure that
inappropriate content is not placed in the CVS repository."

See also  

In general, there are only certain very specific situations where it's
okay to check in unclean code (this is what "parallel IP" bears on).
Mostly it is NOT okay.


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