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Re: [] Installing SVN

And, with SVN, old revisions are always kept. This might be good in some ways, but mostly it's problematic. The effect is that when someone checks in something that violates IP cleanliness rules or that was just plain wrong, we have to dump the whole repository, filter the text file with the SVN tools, and reload it. This is slow and error prone. The repository is unusable while we do that, and something fairly often breaks in the tooling while doing this (ask the Technology people), with the not unlikely possibility of toasting the repository and having to try again.

really? doesnt eclipse want anything in the repository what violates IP cleanliness rules?
Even if a commit does fix that later on?

I am also a apache committer but i never hear that before in the apache camp.. There projects start out that can have many ip problems but that is fixed on the way, and yes you can only create a release when that is all fixed.
But having it in the repo doesnt seem to be any problem


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