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RE: [] What is appropriate use of this list

I agree that this list should remain open to all committers.  My general
view on distribution lists is that they should for the most part be one
way communicaions.  There are exceptions, for instance if there are some
generic questions/answers that should be seen by the entire committer
community.  Or things like this where the community at large could be
affected by its outcome.  

But when a discussion starts to de-evolve into a "I think this", "Well I
think that" topic these emails start to lose credibility and importance
to me.  I think it would be nice if such a thing starts to happen that
the originator or someone involved in the discussion create a thread in
a message board and provide a link so that only interested parties can
be involved further.  In fact, an originator's responsibility should be
to consider whether the topic might warrant wide spread feedback and
provide an offline forum in their post.

I really think that the majority of the emails I get through this list
ARE important and warrant my attention.  I am interested in what other
projects are doing and in designer news/tips regarding eclipse.  I just
hope people treat such a large distro with the respect it deserves.


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Subject: [] What is appropriate use of this list

Ok... so lets instead have a discussion about what is appropriate for
this list.  It's a public list.  It's for committers.  Spamming implies
abuse of a resource, which I think is an unfair classification for at
least half of this discussion, personally.  Use of the repositories and
version control systems to me seems quite appropriate given the
relevance to all committers.  Getting help installing SVN itself has
been agreed to not be the correct place for this discussion, to which I
also agree.  We initially had this list closed to anything but
announcements from anyone but the Foundation however many people asked
for us to open it and we have done so (many months ago now).  Doug S and
others recently expressed interest in sharing this kind of information
on the list.  You clearly do not agree.  We're a community, so a public
consensus is probably the best way to handle it.


Masterson, Michael P wrote:
> For the love of all that is holy and good in this world: Please stop 
> spamming the committers list (not just you walter but everyone 
> responding to this thread). :'-(
> There are plenty of other interweb means of having this discussion ( 
> message boards, newsgroups, etc ).
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