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  • [config-dev] Missing again..., David Lloyd
  • [config-dev] Cannot make this week's meeting, David Lloyd
  • [config-dev] Unable to make it today..., David Lloyd
  • [config-dev] Question about TraCI usage for Taxi Simulation in SUMO, MARAYA AGHNIA SUHARNO
  • [config-dev] BNF example, Laird Nelson
  • [config-dev] Missing next two config meetings, Laird Nelson
  • [config-dev] Loading/retrieval: deferring, Laird Nelson
  • [config-dev] Today's meeting, Dmitry Kornilov
  • [config-dev] Today's Config Meeting is cancelled, Emily Jiang
  • [config-dev] Today's config meeting summary, Emily Jiang
  • [config-dev] Starting discussion on empty values, David Lloyd
  • [config-dev] Meetings and list engagement, David Blevins
  • [config-dev] [BALLOT] Tree structure vs flat structure, Dmitry Kornilov
  • [config-dev] Tree structure vs flat structure discussion thread, Dmitry Kornilov
  • [config-dev] PMC Approval required for Committer Election for Mark Struberg on Jakarta Config, emo
  • [config-dev] Migrating repos to, David Blevins
  • [config-dev] Committer Election for Mark Struberg on Jakarta Config has started, emo
  • [config-dev] Regrets, Dmitry Kornilov
  • [config-dev] Missing Project Lead for Jakarta Config, Ivar Grimstad
  • [config-dev] Initial PR review, Dmitry Kornilov
  • [config-dev] GitHub discussions, Dmitry Kornilov
  • [config-dev] What priority means in Jakarta, Emily Jiang
  • [config-dev] More Thoughts on Application Developer Use Cases, Laird Nelson
  • [config-dev] Configuration Object Examples, Laird Nelson
  • [config-dev] CPL license exception granted, Dmitry Kornilov
  • [config-dev] Github discussions enabled, Emily Jiang
  • [config-dev] Jakarta Config patent license ballot results, Dmitry Kornilov
  • [config-dev] Fwd: Project re-ballot, Wayne Beaton
  • [config-dev] Weekly meeting moved an hour back, Dmitry Kornilov
  • [config-dev] Project Lead missing from Project team, Maria Teresa Delgado
  • [config-dev] BALLOT: Patent license for Jakarta Config project re-ballot, Dmitry Kornilov
  • [config-dev] Project re-ballot, Dmitry Kornilov

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