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Date: 2020-09-01


  • Ivar Grimstad

  • Dmitry Kornilov

  • Kevin Sutter

  • Mark Little

  • Steve Millidge

  • Ed Bratt

Release Reviews

Discussed whether release reviews required for the Jakarta EE 9 projects.

Steps required
  • Release record created - ok

    • may need to be updated

  • IP log generated

  • Email to pmc to ask for approval

  • Email to emo

  • Remind the spec project teams that a release review is required

  • Update PR template checklist with a reminder for this release review process (done by Ivar real time during meeting)

  • Completed balloted PRs (Batch, DI, and BV) will need to be reminded about these required release reviews

  • Update Final Checklist to remove the statement that Jakarta EE projects don’t need release reviews… (Ivar did this update real time as well.)

  • Ivar will ask Wayne about graduation reviews to get all EE4J projects out of incubation

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