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Date: 2020-10-06


  • Kevin Sutter (IBM)

  • Ivar Grimstad (Eclipse Foundation)

  • Dmitry Kornilov (Oracle)

  • Ed Bratt (Oracle)

  • Kenji Kazumura (Fujitsu)

  • Steve Millidge (Payara)

  • Tanja Obradović (Eclipse Foundation)

Release Reviews

  • [KWS] Follow up on project promotion from incubation - Ivar and/or Wayne

    • All the projects involved in Jakarta EE 9 release will be graduated as the release reviews are done by the EMO

    • Other projects that wants to graduate must email the EMO and ask for a graduation review (can be combined with a release review)

    • We, the PMC, will follow up with the EMO to ensure that it happens

  • [KWS] Active discussion on Spec Committee mailing list about the potential overlap between the Spec Committee, PMC, and EMO activities relating to releasing a Spec

    • Some possible updates to the Spec Review Checklist, or the PR Template, or the post-ballot Checklist

  • [KWS] For our current process (until something changes), I’m assuming that we only need one PMC member to sign off on a release review request

    • Discussed this item, and it is the PMC’s understanding that this is correct. We just need to record our vote on the public PMC mailing list (not the Bugzilla issue).

Ad Hoc Agenda Items

  • [Ivar] Discussed the release process for specifications

    • Operations guide should be updated with guides and step-by-step instructions for the various stages

    • Some standardization of Jenkins jobs would be nice.

    • Needs to get some input from the Spec Committee.

    • Ivar will be taking MVC 2.0 through this process and will propose updates to the processes and guides as he progresses through this release.

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