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PMC Minutes April 3, 2007

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Ward Cunningham Cliff Schmidt
Bjorn Freeman-Benson
Wayne Beaton
John Duimovich

Website Conformance Nag System

Back in November we discussed how many of the Technology sub-projects do not conform to the required website standards. We held a website school in November/December and then in January said that we would turn on the auto-nag system for those projects that were not conforming. Unfortunately, it took a lot longer to implement bug 164720 than we imagined, so only now are we ready to turn this on.

The following projects are not in compliance with the Board-required standards (and their assigned PMC mentor)

  • ALF (Cliff)
  • Aperi (Bjorn)
  • Apogee (Wayne)
  • BPEL (John)
  • Buckminster (Bjorn)
  • Corona (Bjorn)
  • Higgins (Bjorn)
  • JWT
  • linux-distros (Bjorn)
  • Mylar (Bjorn)
  • Nebula (John)
  • OHF (Ward)
  • Photran (John)
  • Subversive (Cliff)

These projects are correct - congratulations:

  • Dash
  • DLTK
  • ECF
  • EPF
  • g-Eclipse
  • EPP
  • Phoenix
  • RAP
  • Voice Tools

The email that the auto-nag tool will send to the project's mailing list will be:

Dear <X> Committers,
You may not be aware that your project website is not in full compliance with the Board-mandated guidelines for Eclipse projects [1]. We need your project website to be in compliance so that we can automate the generation of summary pages like [2] and [3]. Additionally, the Board requires compliance so that users and adopters will have a consistent location to find standard information, i.e., in the left navigation menu of the projects' home pages [4].

This email is being sent to you by our simple nag-o-matic system as the second in a line of escalating reminders for you to update your website to conform. Once your project website conforms, these mildly annoying reminders will stop. If you have any questions about updating your website, please do not hesitate to ask us.

Thank you for your prompt attention to this issue,
Bjorn, Cliff, John, Ward, Wayne (the Technology PMC)


Call Your Projects

We decided that we will make a push to check up on all our sub-projects. We will call at least one of our sub-projects each week and ask the leads how we can help move them towards graduation.

Minutes taken by Bjorn Freeman-Benson

Current project mentors:

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