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EclipseCon, ECESIS, Laszlo, Website Training

PMC Minutes November 13, 2006

Attending    Late     Regrets   Missing 
Wayne Beaton Cliff Schmidt John Duimovich
Bjorn Freeman-Benson
Ward Cunningham

Note: I assigned the mentoring responsibility for the three new projects to Bjorn (Aperi) and Wayne (Apogee, RAP).

First we discussed the EclipseCon tutorials that were submitted under our track. We choose 3641, 3621, and conditionally 3671. We declined 3623 and 3673 as we noted that they might be better as long or short talks.

ACTION ITEM: [Wayne] Explain the conditions on 3671.

Next we discussed EclipseCon talks. The long talk and panels deadline is Dec 1st and we all need to contact our projects (see below) and make sure they understand the deadline and get their proposals  in before then.

ACTION ITEM: [Bjorn, Cliff, John, Ward, Wayne] Contact your project leads, by confirmed reply email or on the phone, and make sure they understand this deadline.

Our third topic in this busy PMC meeting was our two mostly dead projects: ECESIS and Laszlo. They have had no activity (or almost no activity) for so long that we decided to hold Archive Reviews for them. If people show up at these reviews explaining that the projects are still alive, then we will probably keep them - if not, the projects will be archived.

ACTION ITEM: [Wayne then Ward] Write the Archive Review slide decks for these two projects (title and a page or two of explanation). Schedule (via emo@) the reviews and cc the ecesis-dev@ and laszlo-dev@ mailing lists.

The fourth item was the Technology sub-projects (lack of) conformance to the adopted Eclipse website standards. We decided that the reasons were two-fold: one is a lack of motivation (no consequence for not doing so), the other is a lack of understanding what to do (in spite of the detailed instructions). We plan to address the latter the same way that speeding tickets are often resolved: with "Driving School" - in our case "Website School". We'll have two conference call sessions where we answer questions about how to set up a project website to conform to the standards. Attendance is mandatory - projects that do not attend will start to be reminded of their non-conformance immediately; projects that do attend will have until the end of the year before any non-conformance reminders start.

ACTION ITEM: [Bjorn] Schedule two training sessions

ACTION ITEM: [Ward, Wayne] Write and send the invitations to the non-conforming projects.

ACTION ITEM: [Bjorn] Work with webmaster@ to create the remind-o-matic software.

Current project mentors:

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