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Buckminster, Component Assembly Project

An Eclipse Tools Subproject

What is Buckminster?

  • Buckminster is a set of frameworks and tools for automating build, assemble & deploy (BA&D) development processes in complex or distributed component-based development. Buckminster allows development organizations to define fine-grained "production lines" for the various stages in software production - unit testing, integration testing, field deployment, staged migration, etc. - and to automate the execution of corresponding processes.

What is Buckminster's basic value prop?

  • Manual execution of BA&D processes can be hugely resource-intensive. The burden expands exponentially with the size and complexity of the development organization and component base and as the frequency of system change increases.
    In and of themselves, many of the most important trends in software development - SOA, Web services, virtual development teams, offshoring & outsourcing are actually making things much worse.
    Buckminster's value prop is straightforward. Buckminster drives down the overhead associated with modern software development sourcing and materializing components, joining and sharing projects and maintaining and changing products.

About the Buckminster Project

  • The Buckminster Component Assembly Project is an open source Eclipse Tools Project.


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