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PMC Minutes January 2, 2007

Attending    Late     Regrets   Missing 
Bjorn Freeman-Benson John Duimovich
Cliff Schmidt Ward Cunningham
Wayne Beaton

EclipseCon short talks. We have arranged to have at least one EclipseCon 2007 Short Talk slot for every Technology project that does not already have a speaking slot. Currently PTP, Mylar, DLTK, and Corona have speaking slots so they are at the bottom of the list for short talk slots. However, the projects must submit a Short Talk proposal for us to accept it, so our challenge now is to remind/convince the projects to submit these proposals.

ACTION ITEM: [Everyone] Contact your mentee projects (below) and tell them to submit/re-submit at least one short talk.

ACTION ITEM: [Everyone] When you have done this, send an email to the technology-pmc mailing list letting the rest of us know.

Auto-nag and Website School. As of this week, Bjorn will turn on the auto-nag system to remind those Technology projects that did not attend website school and whose websites are still not updated. At the end of January, the auto-nag will be applied to all Technology projects whose websites are not updated. As of today, the projects are:

Attended or Invited and
Website Not Updated
Website Not Updated
ALF g-Eclipse
Apogee Mylar

Thanks to the EPF, RAP, and Voice Tools projects for having correct websites.

Current project mentors:

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