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Nebula Project

Nebula Project

Supplemental Custom Widgets

Nebula is a place where different Eclipse-Projects and Independent developers collaborate on building Custom SWT widgets and reuseable UI-Components useable in UI-Applications built using SWT, JFace and RAP.

All Nebula components are available on the navigation tree on the left or from the table below. Each image links to a page that will further describe the component and its function.


Nebula Released Widgets:

The CDateTime is a graphical and textual Date selection widget.
PShelf is a composite widget similar to a tab folder but uses an accordion-like metaphor.
GanttChart is a full featured and customizable GANTT charting component.
Gallery lets you display any number of items organised in groups. Several group and item renderers are available with support for dynamic item size, drop shadows, auto margins, icon and list styles.
The Grid is a table component that offers spreadsheet like features.
PaperClips is a simple, light weight, extensible Java printing library for SWT
Oscilloscope is a fun and versatile widget for monitoring critical processes.
PGroup is a expandable/collapsible composite widget with attractive styling and an extensible design.
PShelf is a composite widget similar to a tab folder but uses an accordion-like metaphor.
RichText - Embeddable rich text controls for editing and rendering HTML formatted text.
The GeoMap is a control that allows you to display data from an openstreetmap server.
TableCombo is a composite widget similar to a CCombo but uses a table instead of a list control.
The purpose of the XViewer is to give the application developer a more advanced and dynamic TreeViewer that has the filtering and sorting the capabilities of a spreadsheet while providing the users the ability to customize their table to suit their current needs and save/restore these customizations for future use by individual or group.
STW - SWT Transition Widget is a widget for adding fancy transition effects.
STW - SWT Transition Widget

NatTable :

NatTable is a powerful and flexible SWT table/grid widget.

Visualization :

Visualization XY Graph.

Nebula Incubation Widgets :

CollapsibleButtons is a widget similar to the Microsoft Outlook button navigation bar.
CompositeTable gives you total flexibility to present and edit row-oriented data however you want.
DateChooser is a graphical date selection widget, with a fully customizable look & feel which is consistent between the differents platforms.
DateChooserCombo combines a FormattedText / DateFormatter with a drop down DateChooser popup.
Decorator component adding input and display mask capabilities on a Text widget.
The TreeMapper widget is a widget that allows you to define mapping by simply drag and drop elements between 2 JFace TreeViewers
RadioGroup presents a group of radio buttons
The Picture control is a control that allows you to display an image, remove and modify it.
The Pagination control is a control that allows you to display data in a table with navigation page.

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