Eclipse Packaging Project (EPP)

Project Scope

  • Create entry level downloads based on defined user profiles. The project defined and created the EPP downloads of Java Developer, Java EE Developer, C/C++ Developer and RCP Developer. These downloads are available from the main Eclipse download page. Please follow this description if you want to be a package maintainer.
  • Provide and integrate the EPP Usage Data Collector. (deprecated) The Usage Data Collector collects information about how individuals are using the Eclipse platform. The intent is to use this data to help committers and organizations better understand how developers are using Eclipse.
  • Provide an installer that improves the install experience of new users of Eclipse.
  • Provide a platform that allows the creation of packages (zip/tar downloads) from an update site. The core technology of the project will enable the creation of download packages that are created by bundling Eclipse features from one or multiple Eclipse update sites.

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