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2012 Candidate:
Eric Clayberg

Software Engineering Manager, Google

Nominee for contributing member representative

I have been involved with Eclipse since 1999 when Instantiations was first briefed on it by IBM and have been a strong supporter of Eclipse community interests ever since. I co-authored Eclipse: Commercial Quality Plug-ins, Eclipse Plug-ins, and Eclipse GEF and have presented at every EclipseCon since the very first. At Instantiations, we were heavily committed to Eclipse since its inception, and my team was responsible for creating the very first commercial Eclipse add-on, CodePro, and the award-winning WindowBuilder product for SWT, Swing and GWT development. We participated in several different Eclipse projects and were a founding member of the Eclipse Plugin Central Alliance. After Google's acquisition of Instantiations in 2010, I spearheaded the effort to re-release all of Instantiations' popular commercial tools (WindowBuilder, CodePro AnalytiX and WindowTester) as free Google offerings and also drove the effort to contribute WindowBuilder to Eclipse. WindowBuilder was successfully delivered as part of the Eclipse Indigo release train in 2011 and will also be part of the Eclipse Juno release in 2012.

email:  clayberg at


My vision for 2011 is to:
  • Show up, speak up, and stand up for the interests of AIP members at Eclipse Board meetings during 2012.
  • Continue to increase ROI for Add-in Provider membership in the Eclipse Foundation
  • Make Eclipse a powerful "profitability platform" for Add-in providers
  • Assure that Eclipse technology remains the best on the planet!

About the Candidate

I am currently the Software Engineering Manager for the Google Web Toolkit (GWT) and Dart Editor teams at Google and a former co-founder of Instantiations (acquired by Google in 2010). I am a seasoned software technologist, product developer, entrepreneur, and manager with more than 20 years of commercial software development experience, including 15 years of experience with Java and 12 years with Eclipse. I was responsible for creating more than a dozen commercial Java, Eclipse and Smalltalk products including the award winning WindowBuilder Pro, CodePro, and VA Assist product lines. I hold a Bachelor of Science degree from MIT, an MBA from Harvard, and am co-author of Eclipse Plug-ins (3rd Edition, Dec 2008) and Eclipse GEF (1st Edition, Aug 2011) from Addison-Wesley. See

On a personal note, I am married with two kids and a dog. I am involved in various community activities and an adult leader for my son's Boy Scout Troop. I have a passion for classic coin-op video games and have one of the largest collections in the country (featured on HGTV's "Incredible Basements" in 2003).


Google, Inc. is the provider of a number of well known Eclipse add-ons including the Google Plug-in for Eclipse (GPE), Android Development Tools (ADT), WindowBuilder (SWT, Swing and GWT Designer), CodePro AnalytiX and WindowTester and the contributor and sponsor of the WindowBuilder open source project at Eclipse. Google is a multinational public cloud computing and Internet search technologies corporation.

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