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2012 Candidate:
Chris Aniszczyk

Manager, Open Source, Twitter

Nominee for committer representative

Plug-in Development Environment (PDE) Committer
Technology and Mylyn PMC Member
EGit / JGit Committer
Orbit Committer Maintainer
EclipseCon Program Committee (2007-2012)
Eclipse Board Committer Representative (2007-2012)

email:  zx at


My overall vision for Eclipse is simple, keep building the community so the Eclipse ecosystem can prosper. We have a unique open source community at Eclipse that is comprised of a variety of parties, from individuals to academics to companies. We need to keep all parties in mind, whether an individual or corporation, and make it easier for everyone to be successful at Eclipse.

Eclipse has been around for over a decade and in that decade, the amount of technological progress and change has been staggering. In order to remain vibrant and relevant, Eclipse will have to manage its legacy and existing adopters but also look towards the future. In terms of supporting our traditional and existing community, Eclipse 4.2 be the featured release during Juno to help us evolve away from the Eclipse 3.X codebase. Furthermore, an industry working group was established recently to focus on long-term support which is important to many adopters within the ecosystem.

In terms of the future, the Eclipse Orion project is starting to gain traction by having its components be embedded within the Firefox 10 release. The Eclipse Foundation should continue to foster the development of web technology at and push the boundaries of what is possible with tooling on the web.

To ensure Eclipse continues to grow and thrive I will particularly focus on:

  • Continue modernizing the Eclipse infrastructure around Git and Gerrit; complete it by end of 2012
  • Push the Foundation to consider make it easier to accept contributions from GitHub and Bitbucket
  • Foster interactions with the web development community and Orion
  • Build bridges within the Eclipse ecosystem and with other open source and commercial projects
  • Encourage Eclipse committers and projects to participate in the community via blogs, forums and other communication channels
  • Lower the barrier to entry for new projects without sacrificing the quality Eclipse is known for
  • Ensure Eclipse processes are transparent and lightweight as possible

On the whole, my goal is to make Eclipse thrive and be transparent as possible about the board's activities. I love bringing new projects to the Eclipse ecosystem and mentoring new committers. I will pay special attention to how we can make the Eclipse development process easier for smaller projects. In the end, I would be honored to represent you, the committers, for another term.

About the Candidate

Chris Aniszczyk (@cra) is a software architect by trade with a passion for software evangelism, open source and building communities. At Twitter, he's responsible for creating their open source program office and managing their open source strategy. He also has the honor to sit on the Eclipse Architecture and Planning councils. In a previous life, he traveled the world and consulted companies on Eclipse technology. He also lead and hacked on many and linux related projects. In his spare time, you'll find him running, cycling or doing yoga.



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