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Eclipse Foundation Election Process

Election Process

The process for the Eclipse Foundation’s annual elections is described below.

  • Each year, the Eclipse Foundation holds elections for board members representing two very important groups within the Eclipse membership: the Committers and the Contributing Members. The number of these elected representatives is a ratio of the total number of Strategic Members.
  • These elections are held pursuant to Sections 3.3 and 3.5 of the Eclipse Foundation Bylaws.
  • The term of office for these elected board members is one year, commencing April 1.
  • Voting for the elected board members is done using single transferrable voting.
  • Each Contributing Member gets one vote.
  • Each Committer Member gets one vote. Note that committers who are employees of Member companies have all the rights and privileges (including voting) of a Committer Member. Individual committers must join the Eclipse Foundation as Committer Members by signing the Membership Agreement in order to be allowed to vote.
  • Voting is done electronically via a web interface on Each eligible voter is provided with the URL and a userid and password with which to vote several days in advance of the voting.

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