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Eclipse Foundation


  • Board of Directors: The Board of Directors oversees the policies and strategic direction of the Eclipse Foundation. You can find the minutes of the Board meetings here.

    For more information about Board elections, please see the Eclipse elections home page.
  • Eclipse Councils: The Eclipse Councils act to co-ordinate the activities of the Eclipse projects.
  • Staff: Meet the cast of characters who work for the Foundation.


  • Contact info: Contact information for the Eclipse Foundation.
  • Directions: How to get to the Eclipse Foundation office in Ottawa.


  • Governance info: How the Eclipse Foundation is governed.
  • Our projects: The Eclipse Foundation hosts a large community of active open source projects; these pages describe the projects as well as the development and IP processes they follow.
  • Collaborative Working Groups: Collaborations between Eclipse Foundation Members to address specific technology domains and industries.
  • Annual report: Each year the Eclipse Foundation publishes an annual report.
  • Meeting minutes: Minutes of the Eclipse membership, board and council meetings.
  • Press releases: Press releases issued by the Eclipse Foundation.
  • Legal resources: Legal resources for those who like to read those sorts of things.
  • Logos and artwork A complete resource for those interested in using the Eclipse logos, trademarks and artwork. Don’t forget to read the usage guidelines.
  • Thank you!: Our website infrastructure has greatly benefited from these benefactors. You would’t be looking at this page without their generousity.
  • Eclipse Community Awards: Recognition for individuals who have made a significant contribution to the Eclipse community
Thank you!

Thanks to our many Corporate Sponsors for their generous donations to our infrastructure.

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