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  • [rest-dev] Jakarta Rest master branch now main., Jim Krueger
  • [rest-dev] Permission to rename master branch to main, Jim Krueger
  • [rest-dev] EE11 Platform call update, Jim Krueger
  • [rest-dev] Committer Election for James Perkins on Jakarta RESTful Web Services™ has started, emo
  • [rest-dev] Proposed exception section to the Jakarta REST Committer-Conventions, Jim Krueger
  • [rest-dev] Github Issue Tracking, Markus Karg
  • [rest-dev] release-3.2 branch created, Jim Krueger
  • [rest-dev] Start version 3.2, Jim Krueger
  • [rest-dev] Heads up: platform-dev mail about JDK 17/21 issues, Ed Burns
  • [rest-dev] Jakarta Rest 3.2?, Jim Krueger
  • [rest-dev] Jakarta REST 4.0 in EE 11?, Santiago Pericasgeertsen
  • [rest-dev] Please release an artifact for inclusion in EE 11 Milestone 1, Ed Burns
  • [rest-dev] Drop Minimum Java Requirement to Java 17, James Perkins

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