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  • [papyrus-ic] Zoom meeting security, Eclipse Webmaster
  • [papyrus-ic] Fwd: Zoom security issue on mac, francis bordeleau
  • [papyrus-ic] The end of the Papyrus IC? Meeting -- July 2nd, francis bordeleau
  • [papyrus-ic] Invitation: The end of the Papyrus IC? @ Tue Jul 2, 2019 09:00 - 10:00 (EDT) (papyrus-ic@xxxxxxxxxxx), francis . bordeleau
  • [papyrus-ic] The end of the Papyrus IC?, charles@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • [papyrus-ic] What Industry Wants from Academia in Software Modeling, Mert Ozkaya
  • [papyrus-ic] Import from RSA: graphical rendering, Michel Besson
  • [papyrus-ic] Special Issue on Advancements in knowledge elicitation for computer-based systems - Elsevier, Ugo Gentile
  • [papyrus-ic] Fwd: [science-iwg] EclipseCon Europe, Gael Blondelle
  • [papyrus-ic] Fwd: New topic in forum Papyrus, called Up to date documentation??, by Perdita Stevens,
  • [papyrus-ic] Papyrus IC Research/Academia meeting @ MODELS 2018, francis bordeleau
  • [papyrus-ic] Request for Quotation: Papyrus UMLLight Development and Documentation, Gael Blondelle
  • [papyrus-ic] PAINS Workshop at MODELS 2018, francis bordeleau
  • [papyrus-ic] [PMC] Minutes of Meeting - 2018-06-19,
  • [papyrus-ic] [PMC] Product Management Committee 2018-06-19 Meeting Agenda, charles+zeligsoft . com
  • [papyrus-ic] [PMC] Papyrus Forum thread on profiles and customization,
  • [papyrus-ic] Join us in EclipseCon France for content about Model Driven Engineering and more!, Gael Blondelle
  • [papyrus-ic] Papyrus tweet, GERARD Sebastien
  • [papyrus-ic] Provisoire : [Papyrus-ic-steering-committee] Papyrus IC Steering, GERARD Sebastien
  • [papyrus-ic] Fwd: EclipseCon France: Early picks to inspire your proposal! , Gael Blondelle
  • [papyrus-ic] TR: Papyrus 3.4 for the 21th May, GERARD Sebastien
  • [papyrus-ic] EclipseCon France::unconference, GERARD Sebastien
  • [papyrus-ic] Submit a talk at Eclipsecon France 2018!, Gael Blondelle
  • [papyrus-ic] [PMC] Problem with maintenance and product line,
  • [papyrus-ic] Minutes of the February 13, 2018 Product Management Committee meeting.,
  • [papyrus-ic] Papyrus Industry Consortium Product Management Committee meeting - 2018-02-13,
  • [papyrus-ic] Support for Papyrus UML added to Hawk model indexer, Garcia-Dominguez, Antonio
  • [papyrus-ic] we wish you a Merry Christmas and an Happy new Year, PLAVIS, Xavier [FR]
  • [papyrus-ic] Request for Quotation for update of Eclipse UML2 to integrate it in 2018 Eclipse release train, Gael Blondelle
  • [papyrus-ic] Dassault acquisition of NoMagic,
  • [papyrus-ic] Fwd: Dassault acquisition of NoMagic,
  • Re: [papyrus-ic] Interactive lecture on UML-RT for the rover in Aston University, Cigehn Peter
  • [papyrus-ic] Interactive lecture on UML-RT for the rover in Aston University, Garcia-Dominguez, Antonio

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