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Re: [paho-dev] Contribution of MQTT Servers (Mosquitto and RSMB)

Ian, Mike,

to answer the question of how Mosquitto and RSMB code bases will be merged.

My view is that this proposal is as much as a "declaration of intent" from IBM, as much as a contribution of code. It will signal that the future of RSMB is in open source, here in Eclipse. That signal is for people inside IBM as well as in the open source community. Whether RSMB code is actually used in a final Mosquitto product is secondary - there will be no forced merging.

IBM will have already contributed to the project: the design of MQTT and much of the external behaviour of Mosquitto itself, which was originally derived from RSMB. The design of RSMB, though it looks simple, was influenced by my years of experience with MQTT servers, and with the collaboration of a number of other IBM folk, like Andy Stanford-Clark, Dave Conway-Jones, Nick O'Leary and Dave Locke.

There a few functions that exist in RSMB that do not currently in Mosquitto - some serviceability aids in RSMB were required by IBM to build a supported product for instance. Both RSMB and the existing Mosquitto projects use conditional compilation to allow smaller, less functional executables to be built as desired. If there is function which IBM wants, but the Mosquitto project leads do not, it could be applied by patch or conditional compilation by IBM (but would still be open source). If code from RSMB is useful, having the codebase contributed already makes it easy to pick and choose.

Either way, I intend to contribute to the project, whether through code or tests or documentation, or in other ways. And we already have a codebase which satisfies the draft aims of the project.

Ian Craggs

On 08/12/2013 04:56 PM, Mike Milinkovich wrote:
The proposal looks good to me. Has there been a discussion on how the RSMB
and Mosquitto code bases will be merged?
Step one is to get both code bases contributed to a common project under the
same license. Before that happens, the code merge conversation is rather
moot. Especially since RSMB's code is not currently available in open source
for others to see.

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