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Re: [paho-dev] Contribution of MQTT Servers (Mosquitto and RSMB)

Personally, I am happy to adopt Mosquitto as the MQTT server 'brand'.  Really Small Message Broker was a name coined for IBM alphaWorks.  The requirements for such names are that they are descriptive more than memorable, so that no or limited trademark search was required, so I always felt it was a stop gap name.  (The original name was nanobroker, but that trademark was already owned).

I am also happy to have the server code under Paho, as that would solve my testing 'problem' too.  That is, to test the clients, we need a server to test against.  If we build a both server and clients as part of the Paho, then it makes it easier to test both clients and server.  (I thought that Roger had indicated that some other location had been discussed for Mosquitto).


On 06/24/2013 12:35 PM, Mike Milinkovich wrote:

Here is a suggestion. It is just a suggestion! Hopefully it can be improved upon.

. Put the server code in a separate component or sub-project under Paho. As you suggested, putting both in the same repository and merging them gradually makes sense. 
. I think that there is value in the Mosquitto name. How would people feel about adopting that as the MQTT server "brand"?

I personally see no value in putting M2M runtimes in the EclipseRT project. Top-level projects are intended to group communities of interest, and there is no need to be pedantic about their scope. 

If a Java implementation showed up later, they would be welcomed. As would Python, PHP or C#.  It would be a nice problem to have. 

Mike Milinkovich

On 2013-06-24, at 6:49 AM, Ian Craggs <icraggs@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Hello all,

both Roger and I are closer to being able to contribute our MQTT servers, Mosquitto and RSMB.  Roger has been talking to Mike Milinkovich about the right place for an MQTT server.  I admit, that this question had not occurred to me before, I had assumed that RSMB/Mosquitto would be contributed to Paho.


1) In which project should an MQTT server be placed?  The RT project is for runtimes, but focussed on Java technology (Equinox/OSGi).  M2M top level project, should it exist?

2) If both RSMB and Mosquitto code were contributed, how would we manage them?  One thought: have both codebases in a separate structure in the same source repository, then any merging of function can take place as required, no rush.  There is a difference between code being in a repository, and a component being released.

3) If someone contributed a Java MQTT server at some later date, which might be a better fit for Eclipse as a whole, would that cause us any problem?  I hope not.

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