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[paho-dev] Contribution of MQTT Servers (Mosquitto and RSMB)

Hello all,

both Roger and I are closer to being able to contribute our MQTT servers, Mosquitto and RSMB.  Roger has been talking to Mike Milinkovich about the right place for an MQTT server.  I admit, that this question had not occurred to me before, I had assumed that RSMB/Mosquitto would be contributed to Paho.


1) In which project should an MQTT server be placed?  The RT project is for runtimes, but focussed on Java technology (Equinox/OSGi).  M2M top level project, should it exist?

2) If both RSMB and Mosquitto code were contributed, how would we manage them?  One thought: have both codebases in a separate structure in the same source repository, then any merging of function can take place as required, no rush.  There is a difference between code being in a repository, and a component being released.

3) If someone contributed a Java MQTT server at some later date, which might be a better fit for Eclipse as a whole, would that cause us any problem?  I hope not.


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