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Re: [ide-dev] Survey results

On Tue, Dec 10, 2013 at 9:07 PM, Marcel Bruch <marcel.bruch@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
I’m not completely sure how bad this idea is but… what about a „Preference Recommender“? (bear with me).

I’m thinking of this as a „tip of the day“ style thing. When a user starts the IDE (and has enabled "tips of the day"), I’d recommend a preference to him he hasn’t used before along with a short description and/or a picture. If the user accepts that proposal, I’d change that preference and send an event to a server that collects these results (if the user allowed me to do so). With that we get a detailed feedback about which settings users accept or not - and we even may collect stats whether he reverted that change later or not etc. etc. 

If 1000 developers out of 1500 accept that proposal, I’d recommend it as the new default.

Just a proposal. We could start with a couple of compiler tips and see how it goes - iff Eclipse Fdn gives it’s permission to collect that data, and we agree on some acceptance threshold.


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