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Re: [ide-dev] Survey results

Sorry, when I said ‘people’ I meant the people who were trying to implement this change.


As I said, survey results are open to interpretation so you and I can see things differently. I think there is a significant minority that said ‘no’. If you implement that change it will definitely annoy this minority. Also, due to the nature of the change, my assumption is that a subset of people that said ‘yes’ did not appreciate the impact of the change so when it is implemented they will wish they had voted ‘no’.




From: Mickael Istria [mailto:mistria@xxxxxxxxxx]
Sent: December-09-13 1:07 PM
To: Ian Skerrett; 'Discussions about the IDE'; Lars Vogel; Daniel Megert
Subject: Re: Survey results


Thanks Ian for the survey.

 Moving forward I do hope that 1) line numbers are enabled by default in Luna and 2) people spend a bit more time thinking about how to improve the preferences for compiler warnings.

In "people spend a bit more time...", who are "people"?
IMO, this survey confirms that enabling all warnings by default wouldn't hurt the majority of users. The other part can change their preferences individually, or at an organization level for big companies who deliver their package (just like those who want more warnings have to do now).

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