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Re: [ide-dev] Survey results

I would not recommend putting more than a dozen questions on a single survey, so we may need to do this in batches. Also, the list put forward should be vetted by the JDT team as we shouldn’t include checks that have known serious issues.


Applying the changes via EPP seems like a reasonably short-term solution, until JDT team is able to find time to make the changes natively and update the unit tests.


- Konstantin



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I'm tired of debating. Another survey is probably a good way to make all of us agreeing on something.

We need to define rules before the survey this time ;)
So we write a preamble telling that given the outcome of previous survey, we need more fine-grained answers and reminding that warnings can be overridden at workspace-level and project-level, we remind them that they can see warnings in action by setting their preferences, then we list all available JDT warnings and we ask users whether they want each one ignore/warning. The majority wins without further discussion and the most answered setting for each warning becomes a default in EPP.
Does that sound good to everyone?

I have the impression that creating another survey is a good thing. If we can continuously get 2500 votes every 2-3 weeks, let's just keep on doing a survey whenever we feel it's necessary.
It now looks like this ide-dev mailing-list is responsible of defining surveys targeting IDE users and change preferences according to the outcome. That's some concrete action!

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