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Re: [eclipselink-users] DDL for column comment

BTW: I believe the next release of the spec will be a "minor" release intended to address some of these types of issues. e.g. I believe JPA 2.1 version will be next rather than a JPA 3.0. Having not been part of the expert group, I cannot comment on how long it takes to agree on a reasonable set of changes, but it does not surprise me that it takes the expert group some time to come to an agreement given their diverse backgrounds.

Our strategy has always been to try to introduce improvements outside the veil of the spec. We have our own annotations, an xml format that extends orm.xml. Improvements that will take time to get into the spec, are generally configured in those ways. That is why I am suggesting some alternate ideas about how to get these ideas in. i.e. We cannot change @Column, but if the community provided some ideas and some feedback that this was an important omission, we could address it in another way.

Tom Ware wrote:
Hi Samba,

In general, I agree with you that we should try to address deficiencies in the spec outside of the spec process where possible.

With regards to this specific issue, my understanding is the the licensing terms for the JPA specification specifically forbid us from changing the API. (e.g. The content of the annotations). If there is a reasonable way to provide this information without changing the classes in javax.persistence, then it would be a good idea to file an enhancement request with the suggestion. We would certainly consider such a change.


Samba wrote:
Hi Tom,

Excuse me for intervening in the discussion, but wouldn't there be any updates to the JEE spec implementation in the same way as JDK is updated?

The reason I'm asking this is because it will take years for the next JEE version to come up, we have to find home grown workarounds for many issues like these.

Perhaps, it would be better to release minor update of the spec every every year so that omissions like these can be easily accommodated and be beneficial to the entire Java community.

At least as a reference implementation of the spec, eclipselink can fill in the gaps left out by the spec as optional enhancements that may be brought up at the discussion for next update/release of the spec.

I can understand the complexities involved in doing this but waiting several for minor enhancements just because a spec cannot be altered is too silly from an ordinary customer perspective; if the spec cannot address my needs and is not evolving over time, then why do we need to bother about the spec, I can use any proprietary solution and get things done.

I'm raising this concern here so that you guys can take it up with the expert group when you get a chance ( I know Oracle has a couple of EG members in JPA spec, and now Java is owned by Oracle, so if some thing good needs to be done, then it need not hesitate to break the barrier of spec.

The spec has to evolve in the same manner as any opensource software evolves by adding commonly agreed features to the core of it. The later updates to the spec can be made optional so that JEE containers (read persistence providers) can choose to implement or ignore these updated features.

I hope you take these comments in positive sense and try to understand how annoying it is to deal with trivialities like these just because the spec was silent on these or addressed the issues partially.
Thanks and Regards,

On Tue, Nov 23, 2010 at 6:03 PM, Tom Ware <tom.ware@xxxxxxxxxx <mailto:tom.ware@xxxxxxxxxx>> wrote:


     @Column is defined in the JPA specification.  It can only contain
    what is defined in the JPA specification.  This is a suggestion you
    could make to the JPA Expert group for inclusion in a future version
    of the spec.


    cinhtau wrote:

        Hi Tom,
        thank you for your answer.
        Would it make sense to extend the @Column annotation with
        attribute name
comment? I didn't read the JSR so far, but maybe this is a sensible

        Though it is only a documentation feature, I guess it isn't
        worth the effort
        for the mainstream.

        tware wrote:

            There is not currently a feature like that.  Your best
            option is to
            generate the DDL to a SQL script with our sql-script DDL
            generation and then add the
            comments manually to the script.


            cinhtau wrote:

                Dear EclipseLink users,

                does EclipseLink or JPA 2.0 in general supports a way to
                fill or alter
                comments of created data definitions?
                DDL - creation works like a charm and it is highly
                private int id;
                 * zipcode of location
                private String plz;

                Is there an annotation, that I can use to setup
                corresponding comments of
                fields like my Java Doc above the java field to create a
                that COMMENT ON COLUMN fi_banken.plz IS 'zipcode of

                It's not an important feature, just want to know if

                Thanks in advance

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