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Re: [eclipselink-users] DDL for column comment


@Column is defined in the JPA specification. It can only contain what is defined in the JPA specification. This is a suggestion you could make to the JPA Expert group for inclusion in a future version of the spec.


cinhtau wrote:
Hi Tom, thank you for your answer.
Would it make sense to extend the @Column annotation with attribute name
comment? I didn't read the JSR so far, but maybe this is a sensible

Though it is only a documentation feature, I guess it isn't worth the effort
for the mainstream.

tware wrote:
There is not currently a feature like that.  Your best option is to
generate the DDL to a SQL script with our sql-script DDL generation and then add the comments manually to the script.


cinhtau wrote:
Dear EclipseLink users,

does EclipseLink or JPA 2.0 in general supports a way to fill or alter
comments of created data definitions?
DDL - creation works like a charm and it is highly flexible.
private int id;
 * zipcode of location
private String plz;

Is there an annotation, that I can use to setup corresponding comments of
fields like my Java Doc above the java field to create a DDL-statement
that COMMENT ON COLUMN fi_banken.plz IS 'zipcode of location';?

It's not an important feature, just want to know if EclipseLink/JPA

Thanks in advance
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