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  • [eclipselink-dev] Trying to build 2.0.0, ANT script fail without mentioning any wrong prerequisite, (continued)
  • [eclipselink-dev] NativeAPITest, Goerler, Adrian
  • [eclipselink-dev] bug 297332 - added remote lookup strings for EmployeeServiceBean, Goerler, Adrian
  • [eclipselink-dev] Branch to release chart, Peter Krogh
  • [eclipselink-dev] EclipseLink 2.0.1 stream is now open., Peter Krogh
  • [eclipselink-dev] EclipseLink 2.0.0, Peter Krogh
  • [eclipselink-dev] code formatting (template) for Eclipse, Goerler, Adrian
  • [eclipselink-dev] Bug 205502 - Allow Shared objects to point to Isolated objects, Gordon Yorke
  • [eclipselink-dev] EclipseLink 2.0.0 release review completed, Peter Krogh
  • [eclipselink-dev] bug 297332: JNDI lookupstring for SessionBeanTests on NetWeaver, Goerler, Adrian
  • [eclipselink-dev] Bug 297137 - Passing the same user/password to both createEMF and createEM causes EM to open new connection, Andrei Ilitchev
  • [eclipselink-dev] SVN main commit: Inheritance examples, James Sutherland
  • [eclipselink-dev] Bugs 295842 and 295848: handling of weaving by server tests, Goerler, Adrian
  • [eclipselink-dev] Bug 296524 - Four JPA tests failed on Spring against SQLServer2008 with NPE and AssertionFailedError, Andrei Ilitchev
  • [eclipselink-dev] Re: Bug 296606 - issues with ElementCollections, Andrei Ilitchev
  • [eclipselink-dev] Q: FetchPan Extension and JPQL Query Cache, Douglas Clarke
  • [eclipselink-dev] running [criteria] server tests on server with JPA 1.0 container, Goerler, Adrian
  • [eclipselink-dev] SVN main commit: JPA 2.0 example, James Sutherland
  • [eclipselink-dev] Bug 296563 - StackOverflow in EntityManager.createQuery(), Gordon Yorke
  • [eclipselink-dev] fix for bug 293677 - jpa test script needs to adjusted for running customfeatures model on WebSphere, yiping zhao
  • [eclipselink-dev] Test EntityManagerJUnitTestSuite.testSetRollbackOnly on NetWeaver: Problem with JTA/non-JTA data sources, Heider, Sabine
  • [eclipselink-dev] EntityManagerJUnitTestSuite.testLockWithJoinedInheritanceStrategy: NPE, Goerler, Adrian
  • [eclipselink-dev] EclipseLink 1.2 Planning, Douglas Clarke
  • [eclipselink-dev] [Fwd: BUILD STATUS:: 2.0 cb build complete.], Eric Gwin
  • [eclipselink-dev] BUILD STATUS:: 2.0 cb build failed!, eric . gwin

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