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Re: [] SimRel Naming


Note that this page has a tiny little version indicator:

If each package started with "Eclipse IDE for ", then "Eclipse IDE YYYY-MM" would seem a fine tiny little label (hardly noticed anyway). It would seem fine even if the packages have the names they have now.

Definitely "Get Eclipse Oxygen" on the following page is more prominent and will need something more qualified than "Get Eclipse YYYY-MM":

That could be just "Get Eclipse IDE YYYY-MM" or "Get Eclipse Desktop IDE YYYY-MM".

I suppose it would be nice somehow if the IDE had a sexy brand, but it doesn't; that would be great for the the Eclipse Project for that matter.  That being said, each "Eclipse for Abc" package does have its own brand and name, so the brand for the IDE would need to be some generic thing, i.e., some arbitrary noun not currently associated with the Eclipse IDE.

In any case, so far the discussion has been about naming the train, conflated with naming the version, and seemly now also conflated with naming and branding the IDE itself.  To me creating a new sexy version indicator as a brand (that needs IP review and approval) 4 times each year to name the IDE or train doesn't seem wise, and it doesn't seem necessary to make these two web pages complete.  Not to mention how meaningless will be to the user...

Like  you, I too would be happy if the IDE had a sexy brand name, but consider just a moment how few places it would be used.  And consider how difficult it is to get brand recognition for a new brand.  Is this Planning Council mailing list really the brand-expertise group to come up with such a thing?  I'm doubtful.  To me it feels just a naming game, and we don't seem to all be playing the same game.  Are we naming the train, the version, or the IDE itself?


On 04.05.2018 20:48, Doug Schaefer wrote:
Sorry, I'm a legacy member of the council (i.e. not one but still am on this list), but have a question.

What goes in place of "Get Eclipse OXYGEN" that we currently have on the download page?

It's too bad the IDE doesn't have a cool name like Che or Orion. I'm with Dani on picking something that starts with Q and start converting it to the brand name for the IDE, even if he was joking ☺. Lots of cool names start with Q.


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