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Re: [] SimRel Naming


That sounds fine to me, except I'm not sure what you mean by "downloads".  The EEP packages p2 repos are currently in* so probably that one should be; but the release train repos generally reference the corresponding EPP repo, so mostly the public doesn't see the EPP URL (though it's used the Oomph's Product Catalog).   Also http:/ redirects to which already points at the latest release's EPP downloads via some magic.   So probably we should/need only worry about the p2 repo URLs and not about download site URLs; they use magical redirection via the host which is also what provides the public facing URLs for accessing downloads.

I fear we are so quagmired by naming that technically important considerations such as which URLs are composites and which simple repos are composed by them are lost as secondary details.  Yet these are the fundamental deliverables as well as the vehicle by which they are delivered to the public.

Thanks so much Mélanie for helping lead this herd of cats!


On 04.05.2018 17:17, Mélanie Bats wrote:

Le 04/05/2018 à 16:58, Gunnar Wagenknecht a écrit :
The Planning Council decided to use SimRel for the time being.

But isn't that what people don't like and want to replace? Or is SimRel good?

This was decided during our last call that as today the "Legacy" SimRel would keep the name SimRel and we will work on the initiative proposed by Wayne to include other communities and so maybe create in the future lots of different dedicated SimRels. At that point we will re-discuss the name, but for the next 2018 releases we will use Eclipse SimRel YYYY-MM for communication purposes.

So according to the previous thread and calls, I propose for :
* splashcreen :
only YYYY-MM

* repo :

* latest repo :

* download :

* latest download :

* wiki :

Please council members do you agree with those URLs?

Best regards,

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