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Re: [] SimRel Naming


Comments below.

On 04.05.2018 15:32, Gunnar Wagenknecht wrote:

On May 4, 2018, at 14:54, Ed Merks <ed.merks@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

On May 4, 2018, at 12:43, Ed Merks <ed.merks@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Part of my "too narrow IDE focus" is caused by combining 1 with 2+3. I think 2+3 must have IDE in it's brand name (and URLs).
A segment in a URL is not a brand. :P 

Why not? It has been the brand for many many years now....
I'm just taking the liberty to quote Mike on this point.  A URL falls in the "technical artifacts" domain, like Java package names, executable names, and so on. No one (and certainly not the Board) has suggested that we ought to change a whole whack of URLs, package names, executable names. 

Aren't you throwing multiple things together to find an argument? I'm trying to find an anchor that will help us break up the issue. It seems we are stuck in this cycle:  we can't change the name - it's too complex - look at all the artifacts and things - oh so lets break it up and look at those - no we don't want to change them - so back to the name - but all the things.... tbc
I said a segment in a URL is not a brand, you asked why not, so I explained what my understand of the Board's position is on this topic.  But you are back to changing "the name" where "the name" seems no longer to be the segment used in a URL.

So, why not focus the discussion on the URL (segment)? Maybe it will be helpful on our path towards solving the name issue?
Well, I suggested that just as Photon, the product version indicator in the splash screen, is replaced by YYYY-MM, so too photon, the version indicator in the URL, is replaced by YYYY-MM.  In both cases a brand is replaced by something informative, i.e., something that is merely a version indicator and not a brand.

I'm not objecting to the informative number in URLs, splash screen, etc. 

My concern was the hijack of a global, nice, dominant URL that maybe useful for other outside the SimRel, too. But I'm fine leaving that untouched for now.
Yes, it's an unfortunate consequence of being first on the download server and on the wiki.

So we have:

splash screen: "Photon" -> number ==> ok
url: "Photon" -> number ==> ok
name: "Photon" -> number ==> not sufficient (based on branding guidelines)
And "name:" here is used what context?

So what do we do with the name?
Indeed, where do we use this name?

Propsals so far: 
- SimRel
- Desktop IDE
- DevTools
- Photon

What is your vote for the name then?
The Planning Council decided to use SimRel for the time being.

A side note to URLs. My viewpoint is pretty radical here - if I'm changing something - and we are to some extend - I'd like to make the proper change. Just because something came first doesn't mean it's guaranteed to stay forever.
So who really cares how many links will point at the wrong things and what will stop working.  Political correctness of the address space is overidingly important.  That's very questionable to me, but of course we're all entitled to an opinion!
There is redirect functionality for legacy urls. There are ways to phase out old urls and introduce new/better ones. For some odd reason, I do believe that a nice url is part of your brand because it's part of your identity. I'd like to see become the identity for the IDE and the release train. But yeah, maybe it's too much change.
I'm certainly not be happy to have all existing projects lumped under IDE.  As I suggested, might be a feasible way to create a new address space rather than trying to cram all things into the existing address space and to push aside existing addresses to make room.  That's appears to be already done for some communities for the http host...


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