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Re: [] Re: [cross-project-issues-dev] Re: EclipseCon memory stick and Ganymede M5

I think Martins suggestion, using the Java IDE and a Ganymede update site is the right way to go. Much less redundancy and still very easy to use.

A .pack.gz variant of Ganymede will be less then half the size. My guess would be between 150 and 200MB in that shape. That's < 450MB total. Plenty of room for JVM's, etc.

I think the advantage having it run on a 1.4 JVM is minimal. Who uses that on a laptop today? And if someone indeed would do that, they can still install over the net right?

- thomas

Martin Oberhuber wrote:
Is EclipseCon really the right place to promote EPP packages on the stick?
Some facts:

* An EPP Package can also be downloaded fairly easily because it's a single download. Using the update site, however, is painful. * I thought that EclipseCon is for showing the breadth of the Ecosystem, and allow people try out something they haven't tried before. * You argue yourself that you expect most attendees to already have a JVM and "some" version of Eclipse on their Laptops. Wouldn't they be more interested in getting broad exposure to lots of projects, rather than just another version of the base Platform?
* Looking at disk space, it appears we have 840 MB available.
- As of today, Ganymede/staging/plugins is 540 MB -- jars only no .pack.gz at all.
  - Ganymede/staging/features is 9MB
- Base Eclipse is 78MB per Platform if we have them start with Java IDE (including XML Edit, Mylyn to promote these) ==> should allow for 78 x 3 = 250 + 540 + 9 = 800 MB giving all 3 win32, linux32, MacOS plus some slack space.

Sounds a lot more compelling for me than duplication of various variants of EPP packages...

Also note that the .jar only ganymede site would work with 1.4 JVMs.
If we decided to ship 1.5 or 1.6 JVM's we could ship a .pack.gz variant instead, so that should also fit...


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