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Re: [] What is appropriate use of this list

If I understand the comments so far, it seems clear that there was a desire on the part of the Architecture Council to re-purpose an existing mailing list which had been clearly designated as an "important announcement" channel, and turn it into a general "discuss whatever *you* think is interesting to the entire committer community" blathering list.  This is deemed a good thing because, at least we're talking.  And unless you want to renounce your committer rights, you can't unsubscribe.

I guess you guys win.  (Except Ed and perhaps the silent majority of ~1000 committers who have been treated to this religious debate.)  After 6 years as an eclipse committer, I just created a mail rule to move all e-mail from to a folder that I'll pay less attention to.   If that was the goal (to reduce the visibility and attention paid to "" e-mails) -- mission accomplished.

In the spirit of not just complaining about something, I suggest that it would have been better to make a second mailing list, even if it was also mandatory subscription (perhaps  After all, a mailing list is more than just its subscriber list.  It also has a stated purpose, and can be filtered accordingly.  i.e. I'd still let go to my Inbox for prompt attention, while I'd feel less urgency to read the 50 e-mails and counting about CVS vs. SVN.  As much as I enjoyed the poetry about how painful it is to administer a SVN backend, it's difficult to argue that it was more important for me to read that e-mail than to do my "day job".

"Brick walls are there for a reason. They let us prove how badly we want things." -- Randy Pausch

Joe Toomey
Senior Software Engineer
Rational Software
IBM Software Group

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