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Re: [eclipse.org-architecture-council] Top 10 Process Recommendations (was: Eclipse Development Process)

Gunnar Wagenknecht wrote:
David Carver schrieb:
I think the top 10 principles of Agile Development are a good starting point. So I could kick it off with that, and others can add on to it or we can change them around as the group sees fit. I'll see if I can start a wiki page later today or tomorrow with the info.

I wonder if it would be better just to point people to other places
where the information is already available and actively maintained. IMHO
we should not duplicate content in the Eclipse Wiki because there is the
danger that it gets outdated and may not get the same attention as it
would get in a wiki which focuses on agile development.

I agree...I think what we do need to do is highlight which principles work best for an eclipse project, and how they fit into the overall Eclipse Development Process. Anyways, I'll try to start the wiki entry, and we can adjust it as needed.