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Re: [] Eclipse Development Process

John Arthorne wrote:

While we can speak with some authority on technical and community issues specific to Eclipse, it feels a bit presumtuous to be dispensing general software development advice. I'm sure these different methodologies are a great way for consultants to sell their services, but I don't think anyone can claim to have found the one true way to write software. I think the best anyone can say is, "here is what worked for my team", but for a different team a different process may be more appropriate. Just my $0.02...
John I agree, but from my understanding is that Eclipse originally was founded on Agile can see this in the current Development Process, as it specifies Agile ideas, of milestones, continuous builds. It's not the typical waterfall pattern of gather over a one year period, this is supposed to happen every milestone build.

I do think though that with the number of eclipse projects we can come up with some common recommended best practices, and in particular, that you shouldn't declare a milestone unless all your tests are passing. The tests are a key way many adopters can know that the code they are getting is good and stable, and that there aren't any regressions.

As I said, I brought this topic up at Mike's suggestion, and I do think it is something that the Architecture Council should address otherwise, what is the role of the architecture council... (I know that has been asked many times). We have to be able to have some influence or purpose in being otherwise we are just another group.


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